The Pink City - Pride Of Rajasthan

Best Time of Visit

September - October

Ideal Duration for Visit

4-5 days

Average Budget

5000-8000 INR per person

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The Pink City - Pride Of Rajasthan

Best Time of Visit

September - October

Ideal Duration for Visit

4-5 days

Average Budget

5000-8000 INR per person

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In line with the Rajasthani summer blaze, Jaipur experiences blistering weather. Hot winds and humidity make it extremely uncomfortable to traverse the region during this time. As such, sightseeing gets harder.


The monsoon climate is far more alluring than that of summer. Temperatures are significantly less hot; winds are cooler, and the existence of rain creates the illusion of mystique and wonder.


The winter weather of Jaipur in winter is pleasant and amicable. The days are graced with lovely sunshine, rendering it a pleasing time to explore, wander and sightsee. The nights get particularly chilly, as temperatures fall to singular digits. All in all, this season is a comfortable time to visit.

You can’t get lost in Jaipur!

The Pink City is enclosed in a fort, and to enter you’ve to cross through its gates and the construction was planned in a unique way of a 3×3 grid system so all the small lanes of Jaipur would end up on the main road.

Jaipur has a Polo player Maharaja!

His name is Padmanabh Singh, and he was crowned Maharaja of Jaipur at a tender young age of 13. He plays Polo, and it is not surprising that he excels in it, because it runs in his blood!!!

Jaipur has a monkey temple!

In the Galtaji Monkey Temple, Langurs and Rhesus monkeys can be seen in this temple, and tourists can see them at all times. Some even dare to swim in the water pools.

Jaipur houses a real Egyptian mummy!

There are only 6 Egyptian mummies that you can see in museums across India, and one of them is in the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur. This mummy is of a teenage girl called Tutu, and it is a 2300 years old Egyptian mummy.

RTDC bus

It is the best and cheapest way to visit the Jaipur Local Sights by RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Dept. Corp.). There are three types of tours: full day tour, half day tour and Pink city by night tour.

Auto rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are plentifully available in Jaipur. You can find them almost anywhere for almost any destination within Jaipur. They are budget friendly and give an authentic city tour vibe.


Taxis are costlier than the last two options, but the safest and most comfortable for nights and solo travellers.

By Foot

The streets of Jaipur have a lot of stories to offer. They’re full of culture and life and there’s a lot one can explore while walking on foot in the streets of Jaipir, especially near the sites to visit.


Hindi & English are official, native languages are Dhundhari & Marwari.

Crime ratio

104.7 per lakh population in 2020.


The current metro area population of Jaipur in 2022 is 4,107,000.

Literacy rate


Frequently Asked Questions

Jaipur has an Airport that connects with direct flights to most major cities of India. Indian Railways connects Jaipur from all over the country and is one of the cheapest options available. There is an excellent Bus service between Jaipur to Delhi by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) with buses approximately every half an hour on both sides, and road trips could always be fun too.

Seasons have a huge impact on Jaipur. It shines in different colors in different seasons. It can be said the best time to visit is October to March because of the cool weather, but here are details of how it is in all weathers. November to February | 8-26°C | Winter - Cold and Dry March to June | 24-39°C | Summer - Hot July to October | 23-34°C | Monsoon - Moderate Rainfall

There are RTDC buses (the cheapest option available), budget-friendly auto-rickshaws, and taxis available to travel inside the city. You can also hire a local guide from Connecting Traveller and explore the city with them while exploring the secrets of the street.

Jaipur, which was created by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, is known for being India's first planned city. The capital of Rajasthan, known for its colored jewels, mixes the attraction of its historic past with all the benefits of a metropolis. Furthermore, Jaipur is also known as the pink city of India.

It is the royal city of Rajasthan. For both domestic and foreign travellers, Jaipur is a famous tourist destination. So yes, it is indeed a good and safe destination for travellers.

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