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We are traveller’s platform where the world can be explored easily. Our services deliver engaging ideas that redefine vacation in every city. We are a team of dedicated people building a traveller family together.


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Why have we started a
journey to Connect Travellers ?

  • In a world full of tourist traps, active lifestyles, big-budget concerns, and demanding life, the meaning of vacation has become a matter of conscious thought.

  • Connecting Traveller, where everyone is a passionate traveller, we understand the basic needs and queries.

  • As a way to make travelling easier and provide honest travelling consultancy, we came up with the idea of a travellers family.

  • We intend to deliver budget- friendly, adventurous, and relaxing travelling ideas because vacation is the break we always deserve.

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What we promise to deliver?

Connecting traveller shares exclusive ideas for smart travel and expert consultancy at every step of your vacation. EveryEach and every member of our family are committed to making a journey what it should be - enjoyable and blissful. With 100+ local travel experts, 1000+ travelling tips, and a variety of tour packages, we are growing strong and aim to deliver the best of our services. We firmly encourage 'vocal for local' and provide the possibility of earning from a passion.


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Local Travel Expert

Hire a local travel expert whenever you want for wherever you go. These verified experts provide assistance, housing, meals, customized tour packages, and more.


Travel Stories

Many reasons for exclusive vacation, in one place. Read travel stories from various travellers and learn about the country s top attractions in our blogs.


Travel Tips

Review is important. Find out what other travellers think are the best choices for each destination. Save money, travel smartly, try authentic, and share your experience.


Tour Excursion

Book a thrilling trip to turn your ordinary weekend into an adventurous holiday with one of our exciting packages and make memories that will last forever.


Connecting Traveller offers you facilities you can avail of while planning your trip. Sign-up as a traveller and book our funfilled tour packages, hire our local expert, get the city’s insight from travel tips and travel stories. You can also become a Local Travel Expert and earn by registering as an Expert.
Select your city, check out our local experts’ profile. Based on your preference, and budget you can contact the expert using CT Points.
To become a local expert, register with us as an expert from the ‘Join Us’ tab, complete your profile and get ready for a delightful experience.
CT Point is a virtual point and a mode of purchasing services from Connecting Traveller. You can always recharge your account with CT points from your dashboard.
‘Book Now’ tab on Tour Excursion will lead you to feed your details, complete your profile, and the ‘Pay Now’ tab will charge and book your exclusive package. ‘Hire’ tab on Local Expert will open the expert’s profile and the ‘Contact’ tab will use your CT points to provide you with the Expert’s services.
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