Sohpetbneng Peak

Open Time : 6 AM to 6PM

Entry : free

Address : Sohpetbneng Peak, Nongjri, Meghalaya, India

Why to visit Sohpetbneng Peak

The position, which is 1,343 metres above sea level, offers a magnificent bird's eye view over the thick forest and the city of Shillong. The Hynniewtrep group, which comprises the Khasi, Jaintia, Bhoi, and War Tribes, reveres the mountain, which is linked to legendary legends. The location, also known as U Lum Sohpetbneng, is said to have a golden tree at its summit, which the local Hynniewtrep tribe of Meghalaya worships as a bridge or ladder between earth and heaven. The Sohpetbneng Peak is a beautiful retreat with historic and spiritual value.

Special Tip

Best time to visit is the annual tribal festival held on the first sunday of February to watch some of their traditional dance and songs.

By Rebecca Lal

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