Boating and Water Sports in Umiam Lake

Open Time : 9am to 5pm

Entry : paid

Address : Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Why to visit Boating and Water Sports in Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake, a captivating man-made reservoir, is located 15 kilometres north of Shillong, the capital of the north-eastern Indian state of Meghalaya. A dam was built to create hydroelectric power, and the lake was formed as a result. The picturesque Umiam Lake is surrounded by lush green East Khasi hills, which provide one of the best panoramic views in the country for nature enthusiasts. The sunrise over the lake is a sight to behold and should not be overlooked. Travellers can do boating,water sports like kayaking,water scooter ride,speed boat and trekking and camping and fishing here. Adventure seekers can have a great time doing adventurous water sports and someone coming for spending some quality leisure time can surely visit here. Price for boating is INR 20 and for water sports it starts at INR20 to INR 200 depending on the sport.

Special Tip

Please do carry enough water and snacks of your own as there is no that sort of good food around .

By Rebecca Lal

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