Garo Hills

Open Time : Morning till afternoon

Entry : free

Address : Garo Hills, Meghalaya

Why to visit Garo Hills

The Garo hills, which are near to the Indo-Bangladesh border, are part of the Patkai hill range, which stretches over the Indo-Myanmar border. The Garo tribe that live in the region gave the hills their name. The Garo Hills, which cover an area of 8000 square metres and are densely inhabited with subtropical forests and unique indigenous animal and bird species, provide breathtaking views. The Boldak Matchu Karam tree, the Naka Chikong rock, and the Napak lake are all instances of these practises, and their preservation draws crowds of tourists every year. The Asnang village celebrates the post-harvest celebration of 100 Drums Wangala with tremendous grandeur between September and December.

Special Tip

September to May is the best time to visit these hills as the weather is quite pleasant and appropriate for sightseeing.

By Rebecca Lal

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