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Address : Aksa Beach, Dharvali, Aksa Gaon, Madh, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

Why to visit Aksa beach

One of Mumbai's cleanest beaches, Aksa Beach is situated on the edges of Malad's Western district. One of Mumbai's cleanest beaches, Aksa Beach is situated on the edges of Malad's Western district.

One of the longest coasts in the area, the beach provides a view of the vibrant horizon blending. The beach's geography is dotted with a variety of hotels and villas where you may unwind and take in the traditional views.
This beach, which is well-known for its flawless beauty, is popular with both locals and visitors. The beach does not have many restaurants, but you can get light snacks from neighbourhood vendors. It's advised against swimming far from the shore because of the powerful tides and currents that can occur there.

The beach's lack of urbanisation and preservation of its natural attractiveness are its best qualities. Aside from this, it is a terrific location for taking beautiful images because of the amazing frames it extends.

FAQ on Aksa beach

How to reach Aksa Beach?

You can take the train to Aksa Beach. You can also take a public bus to Aksa Beach, though you may need to change buses before arriving at the beach. Instead, take a local train. The nearest station to Aksa Beach is Malad, from where you may take a taxi to the beach.

What hotels are near Aksa Beach?

Hotels near Aksa Beach: (0.48 km) ESKAY Resorts (1.56 km) The Byke Delotel, Borivali (4.43 km) Royal Hometel Suites

What attractions are near Aksa Beach?

Attractions near Aksa Beach: (0.13 km) Antique Style (1.85 km) Jack & Hill Adventures (3.50 km) Enfield Riders

What restaurants are near Aksa Beach?

Restaurants near Aksa Beach: (0.11 km) House of Asia (0.13 km) Picasso (0.13 km) Mr Chow

When is the ideal time to visit Aksa Beach?

Because of the extreme humidity and warmth, you can't spend much time at the beach during the summer. Visiting Aksa Beach during the wet season might also be hazardous. The beach is notorious for its quicksand and strong currents, especially during the monsoon season. As a result, the best months to visit the beach are October to March.

Special Tip

At this beach, swimming is not recommended. Please heed all warnings. When visiting the beach throughout the day, wear sunscreen because Mumbai's financial district is extremely hot.

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