Essel world

Open Time : 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM

Entry : paid

Address : Essel world Amusement Park, Gorai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Website :

Phone : +91 22 6158 9888

Why to visit Essel world

This amusement park is surrounded by open spaces and was built to international standards. It covers an area of around 64 acres, of which 22 acres are set aside for the Water Kingdom separate venue.

The Mumbai amusement park Essel World offers more than 50 different entertainment options. You may have family fun by participating in adventure rides and activities. There are some, nevertheless, that are only appropriate for adults. There are rides at Essel World that are just for children.

In addition to the rides, the location offers a discotheque, an ice rink, and a bowling alley.

There are numerous food courts located all over, Essel World also offers shopping. New Year's celebrations are also held in Essel World Mumbai.

Tickets and Timings at Essel World :

Every day from 10 AM to 6:30 PM, the theme park is open. Additionally, the fees vary according to the management-imposed height restrictions. Anyone over the height of 4'6" is considered an adult, and those who are between 3'3" and 4'6" are eligible for the child rates.

For INR 290 approx, the Basic Package, both adults and children are eligible. You can choose the Silver Package if you want to take limitless rides. It costs
INR 885 for adults to ride and INR 530 for children.

You can choose the fast-track entrance option as well. Adults will receive preferred access at  INR 1170, in addition to the benefits of the Silver Package. The benefits are offered to kids for INR 900 approximately.

FAQ on Essel world

When is the best time to visit Essel World?

If you want to enjoy all the rides, winter is the ideal time of year to visit Essel World in Mumbai. You can comfortably board the rainy rides as well because the temperature doesn't drop significantly here. Christmas and New Year's Day fall in the cooler months, from October to March.

What attractions are near Essel World?

Attractions near Essel World: (0.00 km) Avennue Sea Tourism (0.45 km) Square Taxis (1.86 km) Enfield Riders

What restaurants are near Essel World?

Restaurants near Essel World: (0.00 km) Mad Over Donuts (0.02 km) Hari Mirch (0.04 km) Raj Mahal Restaurant

What hotels are near Essel World?

Hotels near Essel World: (0.33 km) The Byke Delotel, Borivali (0.39 km) 4 Bedrooms suite - Close to Borivali Station (0.43 km) Tulip Living Solution

How to reach Essel World?

Borivali is the local station that is the closest to Essel World. You can then take a bus, cab, or car to Gorai Creek and then a ferry to visit Essel World from there. There are other ferries that run from Marve to Essel World.

Special Tip

Within the boundaries of Essel World are a number of eateries and restaurants. You can pick Happy Singh Da Dhaba for a North Indian meal or La Mensa for an early-evening Italian nibble. Visitors are not allowed to take any food items inside. You must wear appropriate swimwear to use the water park. To get the most out of both amusement parks, try to arrive early.

By Suraj Seth

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