Thevally Palace

Open Time : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Thevally Palace, Palace Nagar, Thevally, Kollam, Kerala, India

Why to visit Thevally Palace

Thevally Palace is a well-known historical landmark in Kollum and one of Kerala's most important historical sites. It is located along the Ashtamudi Lake shoreline in Thevally, Kerala's Kollum District. The palace, which is now a well-known landmark for Kerala's cultural renaissance and is regarded as a trademark of Kollam City, was constructed between 1811 and 1819 under the reign of Gowri Parvati Bayi. The distance to Kollam is only 7 km.

Thevally Palace's stunning architecture is a combination of British, Dutch, and Portuguese designs. Visitors are treated to a magnificent sight by this imposing structure, which is composed entirely of laterite and lime plaster, which helps to keep the entire mansion cool throughout the day, regardless of how hot it is outside. The mansion's inside is adorned with a stunning display of one-of-a-kind sculptures and artwork. Additionally, it has a temple inside that is dedicated to Lord Sastha.

The Palace offers the greatest view of Ashtamudi Lake and is bordered by a lush green coconut grove. Visitors' excursions are given a historical flavour, although the vegetation is also present. The local tours offer one-day excursions to the palace and provide guidance on its historical significance. The average time spent by visitors at Thevally is two to three hours.

FAQ on Thevally Palace

What are the prominent places to visit near Thevally Palace?

Ashtamudi Lake, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Mahatma Gandhi Beach and Park and Thirumullavaram Beach are the prominent places to visit near Thevally Palace.

What are the places to eat near Thevally Palace?

Thushara’s Restaurant, Smokyz Grill and Bar-be-que, Global Backwaters Resort and Fryday Family Restaurant are the places to eat near Thevally Palace.

When is the ideal time to visit Thevally Palace?

The best seasons for exploring and picnicking are from March to May and from October to February.

How to reach Thevally Palace?

You can depart the train at Kollam Railway Station and travel by road to the Palace. Only 26 kilometres separate the city of Kollam from Thevally Palace, a distance that is readily travelled if you use local transportation. Buses and rickshaws frequently travel this route. You might also reserve a private cab to go in order to have more flexibility with your schedule.

Special Tip

In the adjacent Sankhili forest's lush groves, you can go on a hiking expedition. However, don't forget your clothing. Always bring comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. The relative humidity of Kerala's environment can aggravate your sweat glands. Pack hence light, preferably cotton, clothing.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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