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Address : Punalur, Kollam, Kerala, India

Why to visit Punalur

A small town called Punalur, located along the banks of the Kallada River in the Kollam District, is renowned for its stunning natural settings and beautiful scenery. People adore this location for its diverse flora, which includes palm trees, coconut trees, and banana grooves. Punalur Paper Mills, a renowned paper manufacturing company that was founded in the area in 1850, is located there. Punalur has been an important commerce and transportation hub between Kollam and Sengottai thanks to one of Kerala's early industries (Tamil Nadu). Punalur, commonly known as the "Lap of the Western Ghats," is a city surrounded by the gorgeous Western Ghats that draws a lot of tourists each year.

History of Punalur:

Punalur was once a taluk, or administrative district, containing a number of villages in it. It has been discovered that a Mesolithic civilization older than the one in the Indus Valley once flourished along the river Kallada, also known as Shenduruny, on which the district is located. Prehistoric remains from the river's banks that date from 512 BC to 4420 BC have been found thanks to excavations.

Things to see in Punalur :

In the Thenmala Ecotourism Park in Panalur, there are beautiful woods with pineapple, coconut, and palm trees, as well as cinnamon and other spices. There are also thrilling adventure sports available. Panalur It served as the epicentre of the uprisings against Diwan in the past as well as the Keralite industrial revolution, which grew stronger with the opening of the Punalur paper mills. Aside from its historical significance, this town is a legitimate tourist destination thanks in large part to the British-era bridge and the stunning landscape all around.

FAQ on Punalur

Where to stay in Punalur?

Despite the fact that Punalur is a rather popular tourist destination, there are not many hotel alternatives nearby. One four-star hotel, Kumar Palace, one guest house, Vrindavanam Inn, and one specialty lodge, Kerala Heritage Villa, with a limited number of rooms and food options are all present.

What are the major attractions to visit in Punalur?

The historic Pattazhi Devi temple and the Palruvi and Courtallam waterfalls are a few of the well-known attractions of Punalur.

How to reach Punalur?

Thiruvananthapuram is home to Punalur's closest airport. From there, you can get to Punalur via bus, taxi, or rental automobile. The Kollam Thirumangalam Road, often known as NH 208, connects the city with various important South Indian cities. Punalur Station, on the Kollam-Sengottai branch line, is the city's own railroad station.

When is the ideal time to visit Punalur?

Punalur, in Kerala, is arguably the hottest city, with summertime highs of 40 degrees Celsius. The cooler months are significantly more comfortable and delightful. Punalur is best visited between the months of October and March.

Special Tip

Tourists visiting the city of Punalur also go to visit other tourist attractions such as Shenthruni Forest. The forest is perfect for hiking, mountain biking and all the other adventure sports one wants to indulge in

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