Open Time : 12pm-2pm; 6pm-9pm{everday}

Entry : paid

Address : Indian Accent, The Lodhi, Lodhi Road, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Website :

Why to visit INDIAN ACCENT

The innovative cuisine of renowned chef Manish Mehrotra is featured on Indian Accent. The Lodhi hotel, where a stylish dining room with marble flooring, crisp white tablecloths, and a garden was moved to in 2017 due to changes in alcohol licence restrictions, was established in 2009.

What's in the menu of Indian Accent?

  • The food at Indian Accent is fantastic in every way, from the Pulled Kathal Phulka Taco to the Rajasthani Roast Chicken with papad curry, and the wine pairings really improve the entire dining experience. 
  • The cuisine has been artfully dispersed by the chef, who has experimented with textures and flavours. The menu is written in a thoughtful and composed manner. You are treated to a visual treat with the prepared meal.
  • With its Applewood smoked bacon, wild mushroom, and chilli hoisin duck kulchas, the bread bar is unique. In India, the combinations are so unusual and untried. Wasabi raita is an uncommon dish! 

Ambience and Interior at Indian Accent:

  • There is a private dining room in the restaurant, and the main dining area boasts marble floors, evenly spaced tables with white tablecloths, and a bar with an exquisite onyx counter.
  • The décor, which is otherwise modern, is given an Indian vibe by two enormous silver diya trees of life.
  • The calm environment makes sure that nothing will prevent you from enjoying your meal to the fullest.

The staff is quite pleasant, and the service is excellent. Consider the advice of the knowledgeable and courteous wait staff, who make sure that all customers are made to feel welcome while they are in the restaurant.


Do they offer a buffet at Indian Accent?

No, buffets are not offered at Indian Accent.

Does Indian Accent serve alcohol or have a bar?

No, alcohol is not served at Indian Accent.

Does Indian Accent have a parking lot?

The Indian Accent does indeed offer valet parking.

Does Indian Accent offer only vegetarian food?

Indian Accent offers both vegetarian and meat dishes.

At Indian Accent, which cuisines are offered?

Modern Indian is served as the restaurant's primary cuisine.

Special Tip

It's better to make a reservation in advance. The "Haji Ali inspired Custard Cream" has a texture that is just as light as its name implies, which is something you cannot resist and Mehrotra is unstoppable after nailing the renowned "Kulchas" , so must try.

By Aryan Prasad

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