Open Time : 4:30am - 1:30pm, 2:30pm-9pm

Entry : free

Address : Birla Mandir, Mandir Marg, near Gole Market, Gole Market, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Why to visit BIRLA MANDIR

One of Delhi's biggest temples is sometimes referred to as the Birla Temple. Lord Laxminarayan is honoured in the temple. In the Trimurti, which comprises of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, it is also referred to as Lord Vishnu or the Preserver.

Architecture of the Birla Temple ( Laxmi Narayan Temple) :

  • It has three stories and was constructed in the Nagara style. Stunning Yuga scenes from this cycle are displayed here.
  • The stunning architecture and distinctive Indian motifs of this temple only add to its already astounding beauty.
  • The walls of the temple are inscribed with shlokas and proverbs from the Vedas and other holy books.
  • Amazing fresco murals are painted on the location's tall plinth. This increases the number of stars in the region when the sun sets.

Things to do in the Birla Temple ( Laxmi Narayan Temple) :

  • The eye-catching statues of Goddes Laxmi and Lord Vishnu can be found in the main temple. There is a sizable hall that can hold a large number of people during Mandir Aarti hours.
  • Near the main shrine, there are numerous lesser temples. Every year, a sizable number of tourists and devotees visit the revered temples of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.
  • You can find all the necessary Lord Vishnu books and products in a number of small shops. Many international travellers buy religious items here.
  • Families and visitors to this Laxminarayan temple frequently spend a significant amount of time in the temple garden. 

Entrance fee and timings of Birla Mandir (Laxmi Narayan Temple):

  • Every day of the week, from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm, you can visit the temple.
  • No entry fee is there to enter the temple.


What attractions are near Birla Mandir Temple (Lakshmi Narayan)?

Attractions near Birla Mandir Temple (Lakshmi Narayan): (0.07 km) Shri Lakshmi Narain Temple Sri Bangla Sahib Gurudwara Jantar Mantar Hanuman Mandir

What time of year is ideal for visiting Delhi's Birla Mandir Laxmi Narayan Temple?

The ideal time to visit the Birla Mandir Laxmi Narayan Temple is in Friday when aartis are being held.

What restaurants are near Birla Mandir Temple (Lakshmi Narayan)?

Restaurants near Birla Mandir Temple (Lakshmi Narayan): (0.29 km) Kanhiya Sweets (0.91 km) Zing (0.37 km) Sagar Barbeque

What hotels are near Birla Mandir Temple (Lakshmi Narayan)?

Hotels near Birla Mandir Temple (Lakshmi Narayan): (0.80 km) The Connaught, New Delhi - IHCL SeleQtions (0.85 km) The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa (0.48 km) Hotel Ashoka Castle Deluxe

Special Tip

Before entering the temple complex, you must turn in your phone, camera, and other electronic devices. The locker room is situated at the entrance gate and lockers are offered free of cost. Also, Janmashtami as the temple is well known for it and thousands of devotees assemble during this auspicious day to offer devotion to Lord Krishna.

By Aryan Prasad

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