MacRitchie Reservoir

Open Time : 7:00 AM TO 7:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore

Why to visit MacRitchie Reservoir

The park and nature reserve in the heart of Singapore is a popular destination for runners, water sports enthusiasts, and, of course, nature lovers. It is anchored by Singapore's largest reservoir, which is part of a water catchment system that captures rain water. If you've ever wished to experience the tranquillity of walking above rich green vegetation, the Treetop Walks, a 250-meter aerial free-standing suspension bridge crossing MacRitchie's two highest points, will provide you with the opportunity.

Take an amazing walk along MacRitchie Trails, an 11-kilometer nature path loop nestled within Central Catchment Nature Reserve's tropical rainforest. Long-tailed macaque monkeys, squirrels, and monitor lizards are all common sightings. You might even see colugos (flying lemurs) or owls if you're lucky! MacRitchie is a wonderful destination for anyone who enjoys fun and the outdoors, with so many attractions and stunning natural spots to choose from.

To get to the park via public transportation, take bus numbers 855, 852, 167, 166, 165, 162M, 162, 157, 156, 132, 130, 93, 74, and 52 to 980, where they will drop you off at the closest bus stop 51071. You can take the Circle Line to Caldecott MRT and then walk the remaining ten minutes to your location. The park's nearest train station is Marymount, which is around 1 km away. To get to the park from Marymount MRT Station, you can either walk for 10 minutes or take a bus numbered 855, 852, 165, 74, or 52.

Special Tip

The entrance to MacRitchie Reservoir is free. The beauty of nature can be enjoyed for no cost. However, you must pay for additional activities like as kayaking and canoeing, as well as food options. Also If you see any animals along the way, don't feed them.

By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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