Lazarus Island

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Address : Lazarus Island, Singapore

Why to visit Lazarus Island

This beach paradise is one of the eight small islands that make up Singapore's southern islands cluster. Though getting to Lazarus Island is not easy, it is well worth the effort because this port of call is regarded for having Singapore's best beach. Swimming, fishing, camping, picnicking with family and friends, holding a yacht party, and enjoying the BBQ time are just a few of the activities available at this beautifully planned seashore. Not only that, but one can also spend time with the cute tiny feline creatures and go for a long run because the area is not overcrowded. This gorgeous beach spot is definitely worth a visit.

This island provides a beautiful sense of peace, cleanliness, and freshness that no other island or beach can match. It may be amusing to learn that this location was formerly a jail confinement shed in the nineteenth century, and that this historical event contributed to the establishment of this island. Lazarus Island is a natural wonder that protects marine creatures on a land area of about 48 hectares. The island also makes for a great beach retreat, with its gorgeous hills and palm trees lulling you away from the city's commotion.

The only method to get to Lazarus Island is via St John's Island, which is only accessible by ferry from the mainland. To get to Marina South Pier Station, take the MRT to Exit B. Tickets for St. John's Island can be purchased directly at the exit. From St John's Island to Lazarus Island, a 20-minute walk across the causeway is required.

Special Tip

Ferries run more often on weekends, but the crowds are heavier than on weekdays, so get your ferry tickets ahead of time. One should be prepared with all of the necessary food and beverages. There are no stores or cafes to sit and eat in on the island, not even vending machines.

By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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