Marleshwar Temple

Open Time : 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Marleshwar Temple, Maral - Marleshwar Road, Marleshwar, Maharashtra, India

Website : https://www.nisargramyakonkan.com/?m=1

Why to visit Marleshwar Temple

The Lord Shiva Temple of Marleshwar is located in Marleshwar, Maharashtra, India, in the midst of the Dhareshwar waterfall's flowing waters. The climb is complimented by breathtaking sights. With its simplicity and beauty, the lush green River Bav Valley, the enormous mountains, and the vista of the ghats are guaranteed to enchant you.

History - Delve into the past of Marleshwar Temple

The presence of cobra snakes in the temple complex is the most peculiar phenomenon associated with the Marleshwar Temple, which also makes it immensely popular among pilgrims. Lord Shiva is thought to have dwelt here with these snakes. According to legend, these snakes are harmless and do not bite pilgrims. They can even be touched if they so desire. There have been no reports or incidents involving the snakes thus far, and this fact has earned the temple a high reputation among believers. However, in recent years, sightings of these cobras have decreased dramatically. This is because tourists tend to bother or scare these snakes away, making them more difficult to spot.

Believers from all across India flock to this revered temple, particularly during Mahashivratri and Makar Sankranti, the shrine's two major festivals. Lord Parshuram is said to have placed the temple's foundation, and the cave's numerous grooves and incisions are regarded sacred. The Marleshwar Temple location is also a popular hiking destination, with many fans among adventure enthusiasts. A visit to this temple is a rewarding and peaceful experience with God and nature.

FAQ on Marleshwar Temple

What are the places of attraction near Marleshwar Temple?

Kolhapur is home to Mahalakshmi Temple, one of India's oldest temples. Rankala Lake is the greatest destination to visit in the evening and also to sample some delectable cuisine. During the monsoon and summer, the Panhala fort is once again one of the most popular tourist destinations.

How to reach Marleshwar Temple?

Kolhapur is 93 kilometres away from Marleshwar. If you have a car, you can drive from Kolhapur to Marleshwar through Panhala, Ambha ghat, and Panhala. There are buses from Kolhapur central bus terminal, however exact timetables are unknown, therefore check with the bus depot.

What is the best time to visit Marleshwar Temple?

Several festivals are held with vigour in the Marleshwar Temple, and devotees especially enjoy visiting the temple during these occasions. This remarkable cave temple attracts a large number of worshippers during Mahashivratri, as well as throughout the months of Shrawan and Nagpanchami.

What hotels are near Marleshwar Temple?

Hotels near Marleshwar Temple: (13.39 km) The Jungle Resort Amba (4.50 km) Vanalika Holiday Home (11.78 km) O'Nest Home Stay

Special Tip

The walk becomes risky during the monsoon season, and the temple may be closed if water reaches the cave premises, so avoid visiting this time.Travelers should wear trekking shoes when traversing the mountain route, as the temple is accessed after climbing around 530 steps.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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