Dhamapur Lake

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Dhamapur Lake, Maharashtra

Why to visit Dhamapur Lake

Damapur Lake is situated between the villages of Are and Katta. This is a man-made lake that was built by King Nagesh Desai of the Vijayanagara Dynasty at the time. On the shores of the Dhamapur lake, there are two magnificent hills with a rich plantation of Mangosteen Trees from which Kokum is produced.

Around the lake, there are also mango trees, coconut palms, and areca palms.The lake boasts crystal clear water, and you can see the lake's water bed on a sunny day. The lake has a surface size of ten acres. Water sports, entertainment, and restaurants near the Dhamapur Lake are among the additional attractions available.

You can also go boating at the Lake, which has all the necessary facilities. There is also a Bhagawati Temple surrounded by lush vegetation. Birds such as the Malabar Pined Hornbill, Cormorants, and several Kingfishers can also be found.

FAQ on Dhamapur Lake

What is the best way to get to Dhamapur Lake?

The Malvan Kudal Road runs through Dhamapur. Maharashtra state transport buses are available in the area. Kudal Railway Station is the closest station, and Belgaum Airport is the closest airport. From Mumbai and Bangalore, connecting flights are easy to get by.

Where can I stay near Dhamapur Lake?

Hotels in the vicinity of Dhamapur Lake include: Giriratna Railotel (0.0 km), Shanti The Grand Palace (0.15 km) and Prabha Hotel (0.12 km)

What are the nearby attractions to Dhamapur Lake?

Attractions in the vicinity of Dhamapur Lake include: Anjanwale Fort (0.0 km),Shastri River (0.0 lm) and Patitpavan Mandir (0.10 km

Special Tip

It is a ten-acre lake with water, restaurants, water sports, and entertainment. A Bhagawati temple is also located nearby, which is surrounded by lush vegetation.Restaurants in the vicinity of Dhamapur Lake include: Helekar Bandhu Mithai (0.12 km), Hotel Parampara (0.10 km) and Sai Malahar Bhojnalay (0.22 km)


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