Torna Fort

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Torna Fort, Rajgad - Torna Trek Path, Charhat Wadi, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Torna Fort

At a height of 1403 metres above sea level, this fort is located. The terms Prachanda, which in Marathi means enormous, and gad, which means fort, were combined to create the fort's name. The Torna hill fort is renowned for being the highest fort built on a hill in the Puna Satara Highway district.

Adventure activities including camping, climbing, and trekking are very popular at the fort. There are several spots to set up camp in the Sahyadri fort's lovely environs. For a challenging journey, the mountain slopes are ideal.
However, this terrain gets slick during the rains. Trekkers must exercise caution. There are mountain views, lovely valleys, and waterfalls. It's a fantastic location for outings and picnics. 

Details about the Torna Fort Trek:

  • Region: Pune
  • Base village: Velhe
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Height: Approx. 4600ft

Entrance Fee and Timings of Torna Fort:

It is thought to be best and safest to travel here during the day. For this reason, if you visit, come during the day and leave before it becomes dark. Regarding Torana Fort's entrance charge, there is none required to enter and wander around. You are free to move about in this area.

FAQ on Torna Fort

When is the ideal time to visit Torna Fort?

Torana Fort Pune is open to visitors throughout the monsoon and winter months. Pune experiences excellent weather from July to February. Therefore, this is the ideal moment to see Maharashtra's enormous city and fort. However, you are also welcome to come here in the summer. The weather is quite chilly due to the oppressive heat in this area. where you can relax and spend time.

How to reach Torna Fort?

The Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, which are around 54 kilometres from Pune, are home to Torna Fort. After arriving in Pune and disembarking at Pune Station Bus Stand, Pune Railway Junction, or Pune Airport, visitors must continue their journey by road till they reach Velhe Village. In Pune, there are several options for public transportation that may be used to travel short distances, including city buses, auto rickshaws, OLA, Uber, and other tourist rental cabs.

What attractions are near Torna Fort?

Attractions near Torna Fort: (7.05 km) Rajgad Fort (12.15 km) Panshet Dam (13.93 km) Neelkantheshwar

What hotels are near Torna Fort?

Hotels near Torna Fort: (0.12 km) Torna Camp Sites (13.34 km) Mantra Resort Pune (6.11 km) Kamalini Kutir

Special Tip

While hiking, dress comfortably and wear trekking shoes. Bring a sweater, jacket, or warm clothing with you on the hike. The monsoon season makes the roadways here rather slick.

By Shobhna J.

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