Lal Mahal

Open Time : 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Entry : paid

Address : Lal Mahal, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Road, Durvankur Society, Kasba Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Lal Mahal

It is a lovely monument built in 1630 AD for Shivaji Maharaj's father, Shahaji Bhosale, for his wife and son. Shivaji Maharaj lived here for a long time before capturing his first fort. The original had been destroyed several times, and the current one is a reconstructed structure in the heart of the city.

This palace hosted Shivaji's wedding to Maharani Saibai. When Dadoji Kondev arrived in Pune with Shivaji Maharaj, the original monument was built with the intention of revitalising the city. The history recorded in various places demonstrates that Lal Mahal was used to organise feasts for the Brahmins during Sadoba's thread ceremony.

After an encounter between Shivaji and Shaista Khan in which the former cut off the latter's fingers and he attempted to escape through the window of the Lal Mahal, the Lal Mahal became an important part of history.

FAQ on Lal Mahal

What is the entry charges to visit Lal Mahal?

The entry charges to visit Lal Mahal is approx INR 10 per person.

What attractions are near Lal Mahal?

Kashi bai paternal home, Mastani Lake and Meralhargadh fort near mastani lake are the nearby attractions to visit.

What restaurants are near Lal Mahal Chitra?

Restaurants near Lal Mahal Chitra: New Poona Bakery Nisha Cafe MH 12

What hotels are near Lal Mahal Chitra?

Hotels near Lal Mahal Chitra: (0.00 km) Armaan Hotel (0.05 km) FabExpress Karishma (0.26 km) Choice Hotel

How to reach Lal Mahal?

Lal Mahal is located near the Ganpati Gate of the Shaniwar Wada (in the Kasbapeth region), which is another notable Peshwa legacy landmark. It is not difficult to get here. It is easily accessible due to its central location in Pune. One can choose a bus, rickshaw, cab, or hire a car from the many options available for transportation in the city, depending on his or her convenience and affordability.

Special Tip

Remove your shoes before entering the building and leave them outside at the entrance. This location is available at all times of year. A set of steps leads to the first level, which is currently closed to the public since the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) plans to build a museum there.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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