Shinde Chhatri

Open Time : 06:00 am to 09:00 pm.

Entry : paid

Address : Mahadji Shinde Chhatri, Wanawadi Rd, Wanwadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Shinde Chhatri

The Maratha leader Mahadji Shinde is commemorated at Shinde Chhatri. His cremation site, Shinde Chhatri, is one of Pune's historic sites and one of the city's oldest locations. In addition, there is a wonderful Shiva Temple nearby the monument to Mahadji Shinde.

History of the Mahadaji Shinde Chatri:

  • Pune's Wanwadi neighbourhood is home to the Shinde Chhatri. Even the locals refer to it as Shindyanchi Chhatri. Mahadji Shinde, a legendary military leader, is honoured by its dedication. Even Majadji Shinde himself constructed a temple for Lord Shiva there. Additionally, that was the year of his passing.
  • On February 12th, 1794, he was cremated. The memorial for Mahadji Shinde was built in 1965. It was constructed at the site of Lord Shiva's cremation, directly outside of his temple.

Architecture of the Mahadaji Shinde Chatri:

  • Architecturally, the Shinde Chhatri in Pune is simply stunning. It exhibits Rajasthani architectural design. The building's magnificent architectural design is evident in its mind-blowing carvings.
  • You should enter to admire the split-level hall, which is flawless and well-preserved. Don't overlook the beautiful arches, rows of pillars, and patterned marble floor. In the Chhatri, there is a gallery in addition to paintings and carvings.

Entry Timings and Tickets at Mahadaji Shinde Chatri:

Every day from 6 AM to 9 PM, Shinde Chhatri Pune is open. The complex isn't huge, and one nice evening you can spend about an hour exploring it. If you want to explore its history in a comfortable climate, go there either in the winter or during the monsoon season.

Shinde Chhatri has an entrance fee of 10 rupees for Indians and 100 rupees for visitors.

FAQ on Shinde Chhatri

How to reach Mahadaji Shinde Chatri?

Nearly 15 kilometres separate the temple from the heart of Pune. You must then turn south-east and continue driving for another 20 minutes to get to the temple. You can also take a taxi or an automobile. The memorial is also accessible from the Pune Racecourse, which is located two kilometres from Wanowri.

What hotels are near Mahadaji Shinde Chatri?

Hotels near Mahadaji Shinde Chatri: (2.40 km) The Central Park Hotel (0.54 km) Hotel Sagar Garden (2.55 km) Lemon Tree Premier, City Center, Pune

What restaurants are near Mahadaji Shinde Chatri?

Restaurants near Mahadaji Shinde Chatri: (0.06 km) Tandoor (0.06 km) Hotel Chetak Restaurant (0.36 km) PIK-A-MEAL

When is the ideal time to visit Mahadaji Shinde Chatri?

Every day the Shinde Chhatri is still open. Summer is the very best season to visit the location. Either early in the morning or late at night

Special Tip

The monument is off limits to photography. They do, however, permit outside cell phone photography. You must obtain permission for a professional picture shoot, which is fee-based. There are excellent hotels that can offer you all the essential comforts of home during your stay.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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