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    Kayani Bakery

    One of those bakeries, Kayani, will have you wait in line before allowing you to sample any of its delectable goods. However, when you eventually get to taste its delectable confections, it will all be worthwhile.

    Why to visit this place

    On East Street, across from Victory Cinema, is where you'll find Kayani Bakery in Pune's Camp neighbourhood. a family-run parsi bakery that is among the oldest. Cakes of every kind, including ribbon cakes, mawa cakes, plum cakes, etc., are well-known there. Shrewsberry biscuits are what it is known for most.

    Kayani bakery was founded in 1955.The bakery's co-owner is Rustom Kayan. In addition, Kayani preserves the building from the British era that houses it as a piece of Pune's history. Kayani sells approximately 220-240 kg of these biscuits per day from the British Era, and people rush to buy them as if they were the last batch on the planet.

    It feels like stepping back in time to enter Pune's Kayani Bakery, which serves freshly baked bread, puffs, and Shrewsbury cookies, with its embossed metal ceilings, marble flooring, and firewood ovens.Along with its well-known Shrewsbury, Kayani Bakery is renowned for its unique milk bread, mawa cake, ginger biscuits, and khari biscuit.

    Know before you visit to Kayan Bakery:

    The bakery runs 24 hrs to keep up with the demand, but operational times are 7:30am – 1pm and 3:30pm – 8pm Monday – Saturday (closed on Sundays).

    More About Kayani Bakery

    Does Kayani Bakery have alternatives without gluten?

    You must inquire with Kayani Bakery to see if they provide gluten-free options or if they can modify their cakes to meet your needs.

    Where is Kayani Bakery located in Pune? ?

    The Victory Cinema is right across from the Kayani Bakery in Pune.

    Does Kayani Bakery offer takeaway?

    Yes, Kayani Bakery offers takeaway services.

    Does Kayani Bakery offer delivery?

    Yes, Kayani Bakery offers delivery services.

    Special Tip:

    Must try out their Shrewsbury biscuits!In addition to their signature Shrewsbury, Kayani Bakery is renowned for their unique milk bread, mawa cake, ginger cookies, and khari biscuit.


    Open Time : 7:30am–1:00 pm and 3:30–8:00 pm

    Entry : free

    Address : Kayani Bakery, Doctor Coyaji Road, Hulshur, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India

    Phone : 020 2636 0517

    By Mehrosh Shamim

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