Rasalgad Fort

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Rasalgad Fort, Rasalwadi, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Rasalgad Fort

A well-known fort in Ratnagiri is Rasalgadh Fort. The fort's pinnacle offers a flawless view of the sky because it was built in 1770. The fort, which is 15 miles from Khed, is in decent shape.

Rasalwadi, a settlement in the foothills, serves as the starting point for the walk, and it is from there that you will ascend the hill in one of the easiest ways you will experience for some time.

Twenty minutes from the village, the fort is easily accessible. When you arrive, you are greeted by two enormous doors that lead both into the fort and the ruins of a long-gone empire.

A little shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman welcomes you as you enter the first door. The second door, which serves as the fort's last entrance, is located beyond this temple. The fort features 16 superb cannons, all of which show the power of the soldiers that defended the fort.

Details about the Rasalgad Fort Trek:

  • Difficulty level -Rasalgad is easy to trek. 
  • Height - Rasalgad is 177 ft (540 mtrs) above sea level.     
  • Time to reach the top -It will take around 1 hrs 30 mins from base village of Rasalgad. (Rasalwadi)
  • Minimum Duration - 1 day.
  • Best time to visit the fort - Any time you can visit Rasalgad fort.

FAQ on Rasalgad Fort

How to reach Rasalgad Fort?

Rasalwadi is a village at the base of a hill. It has excellent road accessibility. From Rasalwadi, it takes roughly 10 minutes to get to the fort. Trekkers frequently stop at the fort's temple for a night's rest. From Rasalgad, one can travel to the Suamargad-Mahipatgad trek.

When is the best time to visit Rasalgad Fort?

For those who enjoy travelling during the rainy season, Rasalgad is a fantastic alternative. The beauty of Rasalgad is greatly enhanced by the rains. The ambience of the fort is eerie when it is shrouded in mist.

What attractions are near Rajgad Fort?

Attractions near Rajgad Fort: (15.44 km) Sinhagad Fort (7.05 km) Torna Fort (12.63 km) Shivthar Ghal

What hotels are near Rajgad Fort?

Hotels near Rajgad Fort: (6.56 km) Mantra Resort Pune (3.85 km) Heritage View Resort (5.66 km) Kamalini Kutir

Special Tip

The Zolai temple, located at the peak of the plateau, offers lodging that can accommodate up to 30 to 40 people. You will need to plan quick snacks for yourself because there won't be many food provisions along this route.

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