Parvati Hill Temple

Open Time : 5.00 am and 8.00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Parvati Hill, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra

Why to visit Parvati Hill Temple

The idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, Lord Karthikeya, and Devateshwar are housed in the temple, which sits at the summit of the hill. It is also said to have served as the Peshwa kings' sole place of worship in earlier times.

Simply ascending 103 steps marked by specialised Maratha-style stone architecture works will get one to the top of the hill. The hillock also houses the Parvati Museum, which is home to antiquated books, valuable weapons, and unique coins.

One of the city's oldest historical buildings, the Parvati Hill Temple Complex continues to serve as a beautiful yet subdued reminder of the Peshwas' dominance over the area.

History of the Parvati Temple:

According to history, Kashibai, the mother of Nanasaheb Peshwa, a Peshwa monarch, had a problem with her legs. She paid a visit to this location known for its enchanted healing properties and promised to erect a shrine once she was well. In order to grant his mother's wish, Nanasaheb Peshwa constructed the main temple in the 1740s once she began to feel better.


Every day

Best time:

August to February

Visit Duration:

1 to 2 Hours

Entry Charge:


FAQ on Parvati Hill Temple

What attractions are near Parvati Temple?

Attractions near Parvati Temple: (0.15 km) Neelayam Theatre (0.30 km) Sarasbaug Ganpati Temple (0.39 km) Peshwe Udyan Zoo

What hotels are near Parvati Temple?

Hotels near Parvati Temple: (0.42 km) Aishwarya Hotel (0.51 km) Hotel Rajmahal (4.10 km) JW Marriott Hotel Pune

What restaurants are near Parvati Temple?

Restaurants near Parvati Temple: (0.03 km) Hotel Swarajya Restaurant (0.08 km) WS Bakers (0.07 km) Saranga Restaurant & Bar (0.21 km) Green Field

When is the ideal time to visit Parvati Hill?

All throughout the year, Parvati Hills in Pune enjoys excellent weather and breathtaking cityscapes. The optimum time to see this historic building is thought to be from August to February, though. The nicest weather occurs during these months, when a pleasant breeze blows and the sun is not as intense as it is during the summer.

How to reach Parvati Hill?

This enormous palace is situated on Thorale Bajirao Road in the heart of Pune, about 4.3 kilometres from Parvati Hill. One of Pune's most well-known landmarks, Sarasbaug, is located around 2.8 kilometres from Parvati Hill. This 25-acre complex has a lovely park that was previously a tiny lake.

Special Tip

When visiting Parvati Hill, it's important to have food, snacks, and water with you. This is due to the fact that there aren't many restaurants or food and beverage stands in the area around Parvati Hill. Similarly, there aren't enough restrooms in the vicinity. Travelers are therefore urged to make appropriate preparations before coming here.

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