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    Hong Kong Lane

    It is one of the locations where compulsive shoppers may indulge and get great prices on a variety of goods. Additionally, Hong Kong Lane is a great place for bulk buying because it offers inexpensive presents and souvenirs for sale.

    Why to visit this place

    Street shopping is the one primary reason to go to Hong Kong Lane. Because of this, one may find items of various sizes here, including tiny trinkets, bulky jewellery, and apparel of all kinds, including jeans, t-shirts, scarves, shoes, and accessories. The same goes for affordable footwear, eyewear, purses, handbags, and a wide range of prints and styles in accessories and clothing.

    The only place left for customers to pass through is a short lane between the tightly spaced stores that are facing each other. To reach the shops, which are equally small in size and essentially crammed with low-cost, non-branded goods, one really needs to squeeze through this lane during busy hours.

    A number of the city's colleges and hostels are near to the region where Hong-Kong Lane is situated. As a result, it is crowded with young people looking to purchase items on a tight budget. Having said that, some would also find this location rather helpful because there is room for haggling and a wide selection of items to purchase.

    More About Hong Kong Lane

    How to reach Hong Kong Lane?

    The Shivajinagar Bus Station, which is three kilometres from Hong Kong Lane, is the closest bus station. Hong Kong Lane is 5.2 kilometres from Pune Railway Station. All of India's main cities are connected to Pune by the nation's railway network. At Pune Junction, passengers would need to take a cab or a rickshaw to get to Hong Kong Lane via Station Road.

    Why is it named Hong Kong Lane?

    Huge quantities of goods are imported from Hong Kong, including footwear, belts, earbuds, keychains, and phone cases. As a result, this street was given the name Hong Kong Lane.

    What are the attractions to visit near Hong Kong Lane?

    Nearby Places to visit Includes: Phoenix Market City, Amanora Mall and CityZest

    Special Tip:

    For individuals who do not want to or are unable to spend a lot on meals, there are also meal options available here. The options include Pav Bhaji, Tawa Pulao, Chinese, Tibetan, and other cuisines. There are several excellent restaurants, like Vaishali, Darshan, Café Goodluck, and R Corner Mall, for people who would like to eat nicely.


    Open Time : 9:30 AM TO 9:30 PM

    Entry : free

    Address : HongKong Lane, Pulachi Wadi, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra, India

    By Mehrosh Shamim

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