Trekking in Nagtibba Peak

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Why to visit Trekking in Nagtibba Peak

The Nag Tibba hike, also known as "Mountain of the Serpent," begins 3,048 meters above sea level, to the northeast of Mussoorie, at the base of the Garhwal Himalayan peaks. This peak's sacredness is attested to by the locals' prayers (puja) offered there to the Snake God (Nag Devta). They think that the Snake God guards their livestock against snakebite injuries.

Visitors can enjoy a range of enthralling experiences on the hike, such as seeing the spectacular snow-capped mountains, camping beneath the stars, and strolling through verdant, lush forests.

Trekking at Nag Tibba:

  • Through the hill town of Mussoorie, the Nag Tibba trek begins at the village of Pantwari.
  • Pantwari is surrounded by a number of adorable small towns, including Bandsari, Kori, and others.
  • The trek descends to the villages of Devalsari and Thatyur from here. The distance from Pantwari to the top of Nag Tibba is 8 kilometers. 
  • trekkers will pass through historic deodar and oak forests that are rich with unusual fauna.
  • Both those who want adventure and those who prefer a more tranquil, natural setting will look back on this walk as a treasured memory for the rest of their lives. 

Trek Duration: 7-8 hours

Trek Distance: 8 km

Trek Level: Moderate

Trek Base: Patwari

Best Time to Trek: March

FAQ on Trekking in Nagtibba Peak

How to reach Nag Tibba?

A 10 hour journey will take you to Nag Tibba from the base camps in Pantwari, which is 60 kilometres from Mussoorie. The Nearest Train Station: The closest train station is at Dehradun. 33 kilometres separate Mussoorie from the railway's starting point. Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport. The distance between Mussoorie and the railway head is 60 kilometres. The distance between Delhi and Mussoorie is 285 kilometres. Between the two cities, there are buses and taxis.

When is the best time to visit Nag Tibba ?

The smaller Himalayas encompass Nag Tibba. The phrase "year-round destination" describes the location precisely. For the Nag Tibba journey, there are still two seasons to go. The best time to travel if you wish to do it throughout the summer is from April to June. However, October to December is the perfect time to go on a Nag Tibba trek if you want to experience the cool and trek through snow.

What are the places to visit near Nag Tibba?

Kempty Falls, Kanatal and Lal Tibba are the places to visit near Nag Tibba are the places to visit near Nag Tibba.

How to reach Patwari?

To reach Pantwari Village, you can take a bus or travel in a taxi from Dehradun. This distance is 100 KM and can be easily covered in 2 to 3 hours.

What are the places to eat near Nag Tibba?

Nag Tibba Restaurant, Pizza by Icebergs and The Goat Village are the places to eat near Nag Tibba.

Special Tip

Start your trekking early, and wear the appropriate footwear. Bring your walking socks with you. Walking poles can be used to ascend and descend. Drink plenty of water while trekking.

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