Coracle Ride

Open Time : 6am- 6pm

Entry : free

Address : Sanapur, Karnataka, India

Phone : 094497 19011

Why to visit Coracle Ride

If you're visiting Hampi, you must rent a coracle and ride in one. It's one of the few sites in the country where you may have such an adventure, and we guarantee it'll be a blast. You can rent a coracle for a very low price and cross the river on a ferry that looks just like one from the past. Coracle rides can be scheduled for Rs. 50 or less, and this is one of the most memorable experiences among Hampi's attractions. At the Tungabhadra River boating area, Sanapur Lake, or the Sanapur waterfalls, coracle rides can be booked.

Special Tip

Its cheaper than normal ferry and a blasting adventure

By Aryan Prasad

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