Gangeshwar Temple

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Gangeshwar Mahadev, Diu, Daman and Diu, India

Why to visit Gangeshwar Temple

The Gangeshwar Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, the Hindu trinity's rectifier, and is located in a serene and scenic setting. The Pandava brothers are said to have established five Shivalingas of various sizes at the shrine during their confinement period. These Shivlingas are regularly cleansed by the Arabian Sea's lapping waves, and one must touch the Lord as the waves recede.

The beautiful image of the waves crashing bowing down to Lord Shiva creates great feelings of spiritual veneration and devotion among tourists. The Gangeshwar temple's entryway features Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Lakshmi. There was no priest, and everything you sacrifice to God is quickly carried away by the sea.

The main god here is Gangeshwar, who is revered as the Lord of the River Ganga, which is said to have dropped to the ground from Lord Shiva's dreadlocks. More than 5000 years have passed since the Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple was built. It's essentially a cave shrine nestled among the seashore's rocky outcroppings.

There are various public as well as private buses available to take to go to the temple. The Gangeshwar temple is well-connected by roads, so you can easily reach it by hiring a taxi or renting a private car.

FAQ on Gangeshwar Temple

Where can I find meals near the Gangeshwar Temple?

Restaurants in the vicinity of the Gangeshwar Temple include: Refreshment of Shri Ram Vijay (0.26 km) Tawa Tadka diu (0.25 km) Amigos Refrements (0.40 km).

Where can I stay near the Gangeshwar Temple?

Hotels in the vicinity of the Gangeshwar Temple include: The Grand Highness Hotel (0.09 km) Guest House Dream Vision (0.21 km) Hotel Prince (0.12 km).

Special Tip

The best time to visit the Gangeshwar Mahadev Mandir is between October and May, when the weather is cooler. Tourists are warned not to visit the area during the rainy season since it becomes extremely humid.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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