Dawki Town

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Address : Dawki, Meghalaya, India

Why to visit Dawki Town

Dawki is noted for its beautiful lush green surroundings, which is a true blessing! The town is not just a tourist destination, but it is also one of the closest 'Gates to Bangladesh.'

It has traditionally acted as a crossroads for trade between the two countries. Dawki is most known for its coal mining and limestone exports, which keep the India-Bangladesh trade flowing. It is, in fact, the only site in the world where a road connects to Bangladesh.

You may have seen a photograph of boats on a crystal clear river that gives the impression that they are floating in midair. This is Dawki for you, and the Umngot river, with its most gorgeous and stunning crystal clear water, is the place's main feature. The Umangot River, also known as the Dawki River, flows into Bangladesh, where it is renamed the Goyain River. On both sides of the border, the river and its boat rides are the most popular tourist attractions.

The Dawki Suspension Bridge is also a popular tourist attraction. The bridge was built by the British in 1932.

FAQ on Dawki Town

What to eat in Dawki?

Dawki does not have a large market to offer guests, thus there are few nice restaurants, however there are a few dhabas along the way from Dawki to Shillong that provide local cuisine.

Where to stay in Dawki?

Shillong should be the preferable site for lodging because it is a significant tourist destination with a wide range of accommodations to suit all budgets.

What's the best time to visit Dawki?

Dawki is a year-round attraction with a pleasant temperature. The town is blessed with beauty and vegetation due to its location in the Jaintia Hills. Winters are typically cooler than summers, necessitating the need of thick clothing, particularly at night. Aside from that, the weather remains pleasant.

How to reach Dawki?

The nearest airport is Guwahati, which has direct flights to all of the country's major cities. The nearest rail station is Guwahati, from where one can hire a cab or take public or private buses directly to Dawki or Shillong. Dawki is only 90 kilometres from Shillong, and the journey takes you through stunning gorges, dense forests, and rivulets.

Special Tip

Jadoh, Dohneiihong, Makham-Bitchi, and Jhur Sideh are some of the delicious Meghalayan foods to try. Also, try the sweets and oranges of Dawki, which are well-known. You can also take a car ride from Shillong to Dawki, which is an unforgettable experience in and of itself.

By Jasmine Kaur

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