Arwah Caves

Open Time : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Entry : paid

Address : Arwah Cave Viewpoint, Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India

Why to visit Arwah Caves

Arwah Cave is a massive cave situated at Khliehshnong area of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, 3.5 km away from Cherrapunji Bus Stand. It is one of the well-known caverns in Meghalaya and one of the breathtaking tourist destinations in Cherrapunji, both of which are known for their limestone formations and fossils. 

Arwah Cave in Meghalaya, which is encircled by the dense Law Shynna forest, is a real treat for adventure and antiquities seekers. Although only a small portion of the cave has been made accessible to tourists, it is substantially larger than Mawsmai. It is around 300 metres long and may be explored in 20 minutes. Arwah Cave was just recently discovered and seldom explored. Particularly when crawling through the cramped tunnels, the inside is incredibly gloomy and unsettling.

Arwah Cave is known for: 

• The limestone formations and fossils in the Arwah Caves are well-known. The fossils in the form of fish, dog skulls, and other objects have been discovered by explorers and adventure seekers.

• The cave's formations are naturally bent and cut such that people can simply move through them.

• The stalagmites and stalactites formations are located in a specific area of these caves. They are traversed by a creek whose waters are icy.

• The arwah caves' interiors are so beautiful that they could pass for paintings on canvas.

FAQ on Arwah Caves

What hotels are near Arwah Cave?

Hotels near Arwah Cave: (0.39 km) Sohra View Lodge (3.48 km) La Kupar Inn (5.16 km) Jiva Resort

What's the best time to visit Arwah Caves?

It is not necessary to visit Arwah Caves at a specific time or during a specific season. All year long, visitors can be seen here exploring the caves. A person should avoid visiting these caverns if they have respiratory conditions.

How to reach Arwah Caves?

Roadways and railroads are well-established in Arwah Caves. Arwah Caves can be reached by local transportation often, including buses, taxis, and shuttles.

Special Tip

Since the illumination within the cave is inadequate, it is advised to bring a pocket torch. Children and the elderly should not use it. The entrance fee is approximately Rs. 20 for adults, Rs. 10 for kids, Rs. 100 for the guide, and Rs. 50 for the camera.

By Jasmine Kaur

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