Bir Billing

Bir Market

Open Time : 9am -6pm

Entry : Free

Address : Bir Market, Bir Road, Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

Why to visit Bir Market

A streetside market featuring a number of restaurants and businesses is called Bir Market. While tourists spend most of their time shopping for souvenirs, locals and residents of the adjacent areas come for necessities like food, clothing, and other goods. 

Highlights of Bir Market:

  • The market area is a collection of intriguing and lively neighborhood stores that offer a wide range of goods at reasonable costs. 
  • A variety of products that honor Tibet's rich culture and tradition are on display at several stalls. 
  • Additionally, you'll enjoy the stalls' choice of locally produced goods, so if you long to possess something distinctive and traditional, they will be your best choices.
  • The market area continues to be the most beloved part of Bir among tourists since it is filled with goods that are representative of Tibet. 
  • This market has a row of businesses, from a hardware store to a fast food joint. 
  • You can purchase a variety of goods, ranging from woolen garments made by locals in excellent quality to rubbish diamonds.

FAQ on Bir Market

How to reach Bir Market?

Bir Market is located in the centre of the city near the Matru Rd. You can easily hail a taxi and reach here.

What are the hotels near Bir Market?

Flashbacks Bir(750 m), Bir Nest Hostel (750 m), and La Maison Bir (850 m) are the hotels near Bir Market.

What are the places of attractions near Bir Market?

Bir Landing Site, Deer Park Institute, and Mata Maheshwari Temple Bir are the places of attractions near Bir Market.

What are the restaurants near Bir Market?

Himachali Dhaba, Amma Di Rasoi, and Secret Garden Bir are the restaurants near Bir Market.

Special Tip

Don't forget to purchase handcrafted artworks and paintings, spinning prayer wheels, and Tibetan prayer flags from here. Local food is also sold in several restaurants. Many stores also hire motorcycles.

By Aryan Prasad

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