Avelo Restaurant

Open Time : 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : 51 St Nicholas St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1W6, Canada

Website :

Phone : +1 647-643-3132

Why to visit Avelo Restaurant

Avelo is a plant-based restaurant that even carnivores can enjoy, offering tasting menus on the first floor of a historic home and boasting an attractive ambience, superb service culture, and imaginative menu. Avelo's approach is similar to Awai's: plant-based meals with a greater number of amuse-bouches.

What's in the menu? 

Avelo's menu varies almost daily, but you can expect to find dairy-free and nut-free cheeses, as well as vegan béarnaise, mushroom ravioli in a creamy truffled cauliflower sauce, and zucchini caponata. It also has one of the greatest vegan drink selections in the city, with a variety of organic options free of animal-based fining agents like egg whites or milk proteins.

Let's look upto to the beverages ! 

Vegan-friendly wines dominate the wine selection. To speed up the clarification process, several winemakers employ egg whites, isinglass (fish bladder protein), or casein (a milk protein). Adam's Steps, a pleasant riesling from Cave Spring, and Southbrook's organic cab-franc rosé from Southbrook are both available in Ontario. Woodhouse, Collective Arts, Great Lakes, Blood Brothers, and Thornbury are among the Ontario breweries and cideries available.

The adorning interiors! 

When Roger Yang and his girlfriend, Christina Vick-Kell, took over the lease, the 1883-built Queen Anne–style cottage was a disaster on the inside. Everything was fixed, including the wiring and window sills. Vick-Kell then designed the 22-seat space, combining Victorian bravado (bold florals, beautiful wainscoting, exposed original brick) with midcentury modern elements such as velvet seats and simple brass pendant lights, which she designed and Yang built. The curved roof and rich velvet features on the second story will give the 25-seat area an unique attic-loft character.

FAQ on Avelo Restaurant

Does the restaurant offers delivery?


Special Tip

Don't miss their highly recommended Ravioli, which is packed with a cremini mushroom-truffle paste and has an amazing flavour. A grilled lobster mushroom lies on top of a wheat berry risotto prepared with lobster mushroom broth, which cannot be neglected in any case.

By Abhilasha Prasad

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