Chumukedima Village

Open Time : Open 24 hrs

Entry : free

Address : Chumukedima, Dimapur, Nagaland, India

Why to visit Chumukedima Village

The Chumukedima Village is the regional headquarter of Dimapur and a census settlement, in addition to providing a panoramic view of Dimapur's fascinating metropolis. This region is around 8.2 kilometres from the Sumi Town Baptist Church, which has a number of waterfalls and is one of Dimapur's most renowned tourist attractions.
The waterfalls in this area are known for their crystal clear water. Given its serenity and quaintness, the village offers an unimpeded 360-degree panorama of Dimapur and its environs. The region is becoming more urbanised, which is good news for the residents of the village.
This hamlet is around 10 kilometres from Silchar railway station and 24 kilometres from the Dimapur headquarters.

FAQ on Chumukedima Village

When is it best to go to Chumukedima Village?

The months of October to March are ideal for a trip to Chumukedima since the weather is pleasant and there is no rain, allowing you to enjoy and see various locations.

What is the native tongue of the Chumukedima Village residents?

The village's native tongue is English, which comes as a tremendous relief to foreign visitors.

What are the closest lodging options to Chumukedima Village?

Hotel NI 7, Highway Lodge, and CM Hotel are some of the locations to stay around Chumukedima Village.

What restaurants are close to Chumukedima Village?

The dine restaurant, Tiara restaurant, and Food & Fun Chumukedima are all adjacent restaurants.

Special Tip

If you have time after visiting Chumukedima Village, you can go to adjacent sights like Triple Falls and Kachari Ruins.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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