Bodubera Show

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Address : Maldives

Why to visit Bodubera Show

In the Maldives, the Boduberu Show is immensely popular and is set up and performed on practically every occasion. Around 15- 20 persons participate in the act, all of them are required to wear a sarong and a white blouse, as is customary. Some of these people may be holding bells or other instruments, but the main instrument is the big drums, which are constructed of coconut wood and are played by at least three people. A lead singer is also there amid the crowd of people.

The Boduberu Show and music begin with a slow, hypnotic pace that captivates the audience and leaves them speechless. Before coming to an abrupt halt in the end, this rhythm appears to turn fast and nearly frenetic. Dancing and clapping of hands to the beat of the music may be included in the show.

Special Tip

If you miss out the show for some reason, no worries almost every resort holds a show every week.

By Yashica Singh

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