Kanyakumari Beach

Open Time : 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Kanyakumari Beach, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Why to visit Kanyakumari Beach

At the meeting of three bodies of water—the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea—Kanyakumari beach, in the far south of India, is known for its stunning beaches that change colour with the light. Amazingly, despite the colours constantly changing with the season and the weather of the day, you can clearly discern between the peacock blue, bright blue, and emerald green waters of the three seas here.

Even though Kanyakumari has some of the most popular beaches, the sea is too rough for swimming and surfing. Instead, take some time to observe the waves while you wait for the sun to majestically set until dusk.

You can visit Triveni Sangam Point and ascend the renowned lighthouse watchtower to get the best perspective and really appreciate how beautiful it is.

Legend says... 

According to mythology, Goddess Kumari, the young, unmarried, and virginal avatar of Goddess Parvati, stood on the last rock of the seashore, now renowned as Vivekananda Rock, to do a severe penance for Lord Shiva and win his favour. But despite her success, the Lord rejects her on the day of her wedding because she needs to kill a demon to fulfil an earlier prophecy.

She agrees, but indignant and outraged at the humiliation, she swears to live the rest of her life as a "kumari." The residual turmeric and vermillion from her wedding decorations were left behind to create a variety of hues on the sands of Kanyakumari. All of her wedding decorations turned into conches and seashells.

FAQ on Kanyakumari Beach

What places of interest are close by Kanyakumari Beach?

Gandhi Mandapam, the Lighthouse, and the Kanyakumari Amman Temple are a few of the well-known sites in the area.

How does one go to Kanyakumari Beach?

From any location in the major city, buses and auto-rickshaws are available to take you to the beach. Autos charge a fee of roughly INR 500 to take you around whereas buses have set prices. If using public transportation is difficult due to language barriers, you can always rent a car from a company or your hotel.

What time of year is ideal for a trip to Kanyakumari Beach?

It is advised to schedule your travel between early winter and early summer, or from November to March, as Tamilnadu's intense sun can be tough to endure.

Special Tip

At this beach, kindly be mindful of your safety. It is not appropriate for a dip or a bath. All you can do is see it from afar and be in awe of its beauty. Take as few selfies as possible near the dangerous rocks.

By Inaaya Sharma

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