Umananda Temple

Open Time : 5:30am to 6pm

Entry : free

Address : Umananda Temple, ময়ূর দ্বীপ, Baruah Souk, North Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, India

Why to visit Umananda Temple

On the powerful Brahmaputra River, Umananda Temple is located on Peacock Island. This peaceful site of devotion is devoted to Lord Shiva and is named after him. The name 'Umananda' is derived from two Hindi words: 'Uma,' another name for Lord Shiva's bride, and 'Ananda,' which signifies pleasure. Peacock Island is one of the tiniest inhabited islands in the world, yet it's also one of the most beautiful. The talented Assamese workers created the Umananda temple in a magnificent manner. Aside from Lord Shiva, the temples also house the idols of ten other Hindu Gods. Aside from being a place of prayer, the Umananda temple is also a pleasant break from the norm.

Special Tip

Do visit this temple on Mahashivratri to get an enchanting experience.

By Rebecca Lal

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