Dreamland Amusement Water Park

Open Time : 10:00am–5:00pm

Entry : paid

Address : Koinadhora, Guwahati, Assam, India

Why to visit Dreamland Amusement Water Park

The amusement park, located at Swadesh Nagar Path, is a fun hotspot submerged in the valleys of Guwahati. Dreamland lends a classic charm to Guwahati's collection of enjoyable locations.It will be difficult to sit still in Dreamland Amusement Park, with rides ranging from a dizzying height to a rain dance that will take your breath away.

Start your tour by swinging onto several waterslides such as the family slide, typhoon tunnel, and zigzag slides, among others. After that, spend some time at the snow park, go-karts, 7D Theater, bungee jumping, and other activities. Alternatively, experience the thrills of the Octopus Ride, Disco Coaster, Rolling Tower, and more.

Special Tip

Before visiting Dreamland Amusement Park, prepare a backpack with supplies. Pack light and wisely; it will take up less room and be easier to transport.


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