Ningli Nallah

Open Time : 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Gulmarg

Why to visit Ningli Nallah

This lovely white stream of Ningli Nallah is just a short distance from Gulmarg. Near Sopore, it later combines with the River Jhelum. Vast, grassy pastures by a stream are the ideal setting for a family picnic with light fare and, yes, plenty of photos. Even a camp can be built here! It is possible to spend hours sitting here admiring the lush surroundings, chirping birds, rushing water, and diverse culture that this idyllic place offers.

It is stated that because of the tranquility and peace of mind it instills in every guest, the ancient Kings, Queens, and Royals enjoyed visiting this place. During the British occupation, British officers frequented this location for the same reason. The area is well-known as a ski resort. Many difficult slopes are constructed here during the winter, much to the joy of thrill sport enthusiasts.

Beginners could choose lesser mountains, while specialists should climb up to higher Apharwat peaks, which provide up to 5 km of vertical runs. The large expanses of snow and grass in this location will be a blast for kids to play in. Although the Ningle Nallah is a little underdeveloped, some sites are best left undeveloped, as they say.

FAQ on Ningli Nallah

What time of year is ideal for visiting Ningli Nallah?

The summer, when the stream does not freeze, would be the ideal time to explore this location.

What places of interest are close by Ningli Nallah?

Tangmarg, the Maharani Temple, and the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve are some of the surrounding attractions.

What restaurants are located close to Ningli Nallah?

White Mountain, New Lala Restaurant, and Bakshi Restaurant are a few of the neighbouring eateries.

Special Tip

If you intend to spend some time for a picnic in Ningli Nallah Place, be sure to bring some munchies and snacks with you as it is a relatively undeveloped area. The journey there on a horse can be a little uncomfortable. Recommended is to walk from the Gondola stop.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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