Drung Waterfall

Open Time : Open 24 hrs

Entry : free

Address : Drung Waterfall, Drung

Why to visit Drung Waterfall

The Drung Waterfall is a must-see attraction in this region because of the incredible sight of it frozen over. A breathtaking image is created when the falling waters of the fall combine with the chilly waters that flow from the powerful Himalayan glaciers. If you visit during the summer, you may take advantage of the tranquilly and calm of the area while taking in the inspiring sights of the waterfall, the lakes, streams, and all the surrounding greenery. The nearby caves can also be explored, which is a unique experience.

However, as the water freezes while falling and forms massive icicles throughout the winter, the area dramatically changes and the beauty multiplies. During the chilly winter months, the nearby lakes and streams' water also freezes. In addition to a tiny temple close, there are a few shops that sell tea and hot appetisers.

FAQ on Drung Waterfall

How can I get to Drung Waterfall?

The charming village of Drung is home to the Drung Waterfall. From Srinagar to Tangmarg, there is a sharable taxi. There is a little road heading in the direction of your left right before the parking area at Tangmarg's major bus station. You can either walk through the breathtaking scenery and forest to the Drung waterfall or take a shared taxi from here to the waterfalls. The distance is 3 kilometres.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Drung Waterfall?

Winter is the ideal time of year to visit the waterfall. The greatest months in winter are January and February. The waterfall is entirely frozen throughout these months.

How far is Srinagar from Drung Waterfall?

From Srinagar, this is around 50 miles away.

Do we require authorization to see Drung Waterfall?

To see this waterfall, no authorization is required. Additionally, there are no admission charges.

The Drung Waterfall's temperature?

The average summertime temperature is roughly 28 degrees. Additionally, the temperature drops below zero in the winter.

Special Tip

There are no restaurants or hotels in Drung, but visitors can find the best lodging in Tangmarg, which is three kilometres away, or even at the best hotels in Gulmarg, such the Royal Park Hotel, which is known for its warm hospitality, centrally heated rooms, and upscale eating options.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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