Adiyogi Statue

Open Time : 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Maha Shiva Adiyogi Statue 112 feet, Booluvampatti, Tamil Nadu, India

Website :

Why to visit Adiyogi Statue

Adiyogi Shiva is the largest bust statue in the world, made of 500 tonnes of steel, and is located among the beautiful, green forests that line the Velliangiri Mountains. The statue, which is a component of the well-known Isha Yoga Center, is 112 feet tall. The intention of this standing statue is to advance the practises of meditation and yoga. Since Lord Shiva is the Adiyogi, or the original yoga teacher, He serves as the emblem for advancing this sublime, age-old practise.

The figure represents the moksha idea in yogic culture and is lustrous black in colour. To practise the art and improve oneself, anybody and everyone is welcome at the centre. The shrine and meditation centre are also accessible from the statue's base. All throughout the year, the location is constantly crowded with visitors and practitioners. It is understandable why this statue is one of Coimbatore's most popular tourist destinations.

When you visit Adiyogi, you will be able to find happiness and calm because the area is vibrant and serene. You will be in amazement the moment you see the Adiyogi statue.

FAQ on Adiyogi Statue

What is the ideal time to visit Adiyogi Statue?

The temple can be visited all year long, however the best time to learn yoga and meditation is from April to October

How to reach Adiyogi Statue?

From the Gandhipuram bus stop, one can take a bus for 45 minutes to the Dhyanalinga complex, and then walk for another 7 minutes to get to the statue.

What hotels are near Adiyogi Shiva?

Hotels near Adiyogi Shiva: (10.10 km) Tuskers Hill by Poppys (5.94 km) Dvara (14.53 km) My Village - Eco Rural Resort

What attractions are near Adiyogi Shiva?

Attractions near Adiyogi Shiva: (0.21 km) Dhyanalinga Temple (0.49 km) Surya Kund (14.42 km) Marudamalai Temple

Special Tip

The temple remains open until midnight on Purnima and Amavasya. Additionally, from 10:30 to 11:30 at night, a music performance is held in front of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue, which is followed by the delivery of prasad.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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