Meera Temple

Open Time : 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Meera Temple, Chittorgarh Fort Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India

Why to visit Meera Temple

The Meera Temple, also known as the Meera Bai Temple, is a shrine to the Rajput princess Meera Bai and is situated on the grounds of Chittorgarh Fort. Maharana Kumbha, the Rajput ruler who ruled at the time, built the impressive temple, making it both a historical and religious landmark. One is sure to get a great sense of peace and joy as soon as they step into the place of worship. Every soul who comes to the temple to pray feels the temple's spiritual energy, which cannot be explained. Many visitors opt to sit quietly, practise meditation, and consider their life goals here, and many of them discover a direction in life. One will observe the beautiful carvings on the walls and pillars as they explore the fascinating site, which add to the ethnic character of Meera Bai. 

This magnificent location, which was constructed during the rule of Rana Kumbha, is where Meera Bai abandoned her life as a princess to live as a devoted follower of Lord Krishna. Later, she had a reputation for being a saint and a poet. Since Meera Bai wrote and authored countless Bhajans and poems here, this magnificent temple is a significant place of worship for Hindus. The stories about Meera Bai's devotion to living the life of a guru and her love and affection for Lord Krishna enthral visitors. The temple serves as a reminder of Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage in India.

History of Meera Bai Temple :

The Rathore family, Rajasthani Rajputs, were Meera Bai's parents. She was born in 1498 CE and began considering Lord Krishna as her husband when she was quite young due to her fascination with him and his allure. When she was an old woman, her parents forced her to wed Bhoj Raj, the Prince of Mewar. Following the Hindu-Muslim battle, she later lost her spouse. She lost her father-in-law after the loss of her spouse. Her in-laws allegedly gave her a basket of flowers that included a deadly snake in an attempt to kill her by persuading her to sip poisoned nectar.

Architecture of the Meera Temple :

Within the grounds of the Kumbha Shyam Temple is Meera Temple, which was constructed in the Indo-Aryan architectural style. It is regarded in India as a magnificent work of art and a piece of Hindu cultural heritage. A stunning idol of Lord Krishna is kept in the sanctum sanctorum. A beautiful carving depicting five bodies and one head at the entrance stands for unification and the rejection of caste and religious prejudice.The temple arcade is open on all sides and has pavilions. It has several intricately carved pillars.

FAQ on Meera Temple

How to reach Meera Temple?

On the grounds of Chittorgarh Fort, close to Fateh Prakash Palace, is Meera Temple. To go to the temple, visitors can take public transportation from any location in Chittorgarh. Within the city, local buses routinely operate. To get around the city, one can use taxis, rented automobiles, auto rickshaws, and bicycle rickshaws on Chittor Fort Road or Fort Road.

What's the best time to visit Meera Bai?

The Fort is most popular with tourists from November through February. As the temperature is particularly high in the afternoon, it is best to visit the temple in the morning and the evening.

What hotels are near Meera Temple?

Hotels near Meera Temple: (0.00 km) Hotel Ganesh & Rastaurent (0.00 km) D.C hotel (0.79 km) The Padmini Haveli

What are the nearby attractions to visit?

Nearby Attractions includes : Fort of Chittorgarh (The Kumba Palace) Sanwariyaji Temple Bassi wildlife Sanctuary

Special Tip

Avoid going there when it's sunny outside. Carry a bottle of water at all times because the intense sun could lead to dehydration. If you're fortunate enough to travel there during Sharad Purnima, you can take part in the lavish 3-day event that will uplift your spirit and leave you feeling refreshed.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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