• Marina Beach , Chennai

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    Marina Beach , Chennai

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    Marina Beach , Chennai

    Are you sick of the oppressive heat in Chennai? Allow the Marina Beach to be a relaxing getaway for you.

    Why to visit this place

    When in Chennai, one can visit Marina Beach, India's largest beach, which is only across the block. The beach, which stretches from Fort St. George to Besant Nagar, is bordered with palm palms. When one stands on the shoreline, the view when the sky and the ocean meet at both ends is right in front of one's eyes. The environment of Marina Beach is a fascinating and calm sight to behold, with a white sandy shore that appears to spread indefinitely. The beach has a mostly sandy surface and is lined with merry-go-rounds and tourist shops. You might go for a walk along the Marina beach with your loved ones or even by yourself and enjoy the cool evening sea wind while listening to music.

    Special Tip:

    Due to the severe tides, swimming in the sea is prohibited. There are, however, approved swimming pools in the beach area.


    Open Time : Open 24 hours

    Entry : free

    Address : Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    By Shobhna J.

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