Covelong Beach

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Dive Chennai, Covelong, Tamil Nadu 603112, India

Why to visit Covelong Beach

Kovalam Beach, on the Bay of Bengal's shore near the settlement of Covelong, was given the name 'Covelong' by the British due to their inability to pronounce "Kovalam." Saadat Ali established Covelong Beach as a harbour for Carnatic Nawabs. The French took possession of the city in 1746, and the British led to its destruction in 1752. The Beach has been developed into one of the best excursion and picnic destinations from centuries past to the present. India's first surfing school is located in a nearby village. Visitors to the beach can participate in a variety of water activities. Another option is to go to the beach and get into a relaxing state of mind. The serenity it provides during sunset is unrivalled.

Special Tip

Bring an umbrella, a hat, and sunglasses to ensure that your skin is completely protected.

By Shobhna J.

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