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    Blue Waters Deep Sea Fishing

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    Blue Waters Deep Sea Fishing

    If you believe fishing is a dull activity, consider how this Chennai-based sport fishing company is about to change your mind.

    Why to visit this place

    A sports fishing firm in Chennai, Blue Waters, is assisting us in having deep sea sport fishing activities right here in Chennai. They have specially designed speedboats that are capable of handling this type of adventure. Deep sea sports fishing takes place in the deepest portions of the ocean, and it can be done for sport or for sustenance. There are many deep sea fishing tournaments held across the world, but what Blue Waters offers is a recreational sport that can be enjoyed by almost anybody. Included is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go fishing near the harbour on a shipwreck (from 1982). The experts will assist you with locating some of the most popular and sought-after game species, like the Barracuda, Giant Travelly, King Mackerel, Barramundi, and others. They'll show you how to fish and offer you the opportunity to photograph your catch before returning it to the ocean.

    Special Tip:

    It's critical to pay attention to instructions and follow them to provide the finest and safest experience possible. And the adventures aren't just for adults; youngsters may join in the excitement as well.


    Entry : free

    Address : 13, Cathedral Road, Kanakasri Nagar, Gopalapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014, India

    Website : http://chennaisportfishing.com

    By Shobhna J.

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