Van Vihar Bhopal

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : paid

Address : Van Vihar, Shymala Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Why to visit Van Vihar Bhopal

Van Vihar, which has been a national park since 1979, has an area of 4.45 square kilometres. Despite being constructed and run as a modern zoological park under the supervision of the Central Zoo Authority, it has the status of a national park. It is a paradise for those who appreciate nature because the animals are kept here as closely as possible to their natural surroundings. The majority of the animals in this zoo are either traded from other zoos or brought here as orphans from various parts of the state. The park is special because it is accessible to the public via a road that runs through it and because animals are protected from poachers by walls, trenches, and chain-link fences.

Animals in the Van Vihar National Park are divided into two groups: carnivores and herbivores. Herbivores are free to roam while all carnivorous animals are kept in tight enclosures. 200 different bird species, 60 different butterfly species, and a wide range of other animals, such as leopards, cheetahs, Neelgai, panthers, etc., may all be found in the park. Taking the safari ride given by the park administration makes visiting Van Vihar National Park more enjoyable because it takes guests within the park. Additionally, the nearby Upper Lake adds to this park's charm.

Chickoo Dwar, at the end of Lake View Road, and Ramu Dwar, towards the end of Bhadbhada Bridge / Prempura Ghat, are the two entrances of Van Vihar National Park. After making the necessary payments, visitors are permitted to bring their personal or rented automobiles within. Though it takes a lot of time because the road is 5 km long, strolling through the park is one of the better possibilities. In addition, the ticket counter offers electric golf carts and bicycle rentals for those who want to explore the park on two wheels.

FAQ on Van Vihar Bhopal

What's the best time to visit Van Vihar?

The best time of the year to visit the Van Vihar National Park is between the months of July and September.

How to reach Van Vihar in Bhopal?

Van Vihar is conveniently located in the middle of the city. Ramu Dwar and Chickoo Dwar are its two entrances. Kilok Park is the closest bus stop to Cheeku Dwar. The park is located at the end of the Lake Road, so you can also travel there. The next closest point is Bhadbhada Bridge for Ramu Dwar. Since there is no public transportation that goes to the gate of Van Vihar, you must use a private vehicle, such as a car or an auto rickshaw.

What attractions are near Van Vihar National Park?

Attractions near Van Vihar National Park: (2.59 km) Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum (2.29 km) Upper Lake (5.57 km) Yodhasthal

What restaurants are near Van Vihar National Park?

Restaurants near Van Vihar National Park: (2.82 km) TAO-Tattenham Across the Orient (2.79 km) Under the Mango Tree (2.83 km) Shahnama

Special Tip

The number of hours allowed per entry ticket is limited. The park has a food area where you can buy drinks and snacks. However, there aren't many choices, so you can bring some snacks.

By Vaani Singhania

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