Shaukat Mahal

Open Time : 5:00 am to 10:30 pm

Entry : free

Address : Al - Amaan Bhopal, Sultania Road, Nakkar Khana, Peer Gate Area, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Why to visit Shaukat Mahal

The Shaukat Mahal stands out from the rest of Bhopal's traditional Islamic architecture because it combines Asian and Western architectural elements.

History of the Shaukat Mahal 

According to the history of the Shaukat Mahal, they were created by a dishonest Frenchman who claimed to be a member of the French Bourbon Dynasty. The Shaukat Mahal exhibit a distinctive fusion of eastern and western architectural traditions.

Architecture of the Shaukat Mahal

The Shaukat Mahal's captivating appearance is the result of the Shaukat Mahal's successful use of the gothic and post-renaissance architectural styles. The Shaukat Mahal has a distinctive appearance thanks to the numerous beautifully carved arches on its roof and the building's alabaster white exterior. The Shaukat Mahal has an eco-friendly appearance because to the stunning and unique flower patterns that decorate its outside. The Shaukat Mahal is bordered by the Sadar Manzil, which served as the Hall of Public Audience under the princes' rule. This structure is a brick-red, flamboyant-looking construction. Beautiful grounds surround the Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil, giving it a postcard-like appearance.

FAQ on Shaukat Mahal

What's the ideal time to visit the Shaukat Mahal?

The winter months of October to March are the finest times to visit Bhopal. The weather is perfect for exploring and savouring the opulent city's diverse flavours. The second-best time to visit the city is between July and September.

What are the attractions to visit near the Shaukat Mahal?

The Tattenham Club is a unique bar in Bhopal. It is the ideal spot to unwind with friends because it is built around the theme of horse racing. Experience some traditional shopping in Newmarket. Azad Market is a recommended location in Bhopal for delectable cuisine. Here, sample some Bhopal native cuisine.

What hotels are near Shaukat Mahal?

Hotels near Shaukat Mahal: (0.00 km) Giovanni Suites (0.00 km) Hotel Classic (0.00 km) Hotel Shubh-Inn

Special Tip

The location is open during Municipal Corporation business hours. It is suggested to evaluate a travel advisor's website's history and consumer testimonials. It is suggested that you visit the two in the morning or the evening to take in the mood of the location.

By Vaani Singhania

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