Dargah Of Pie Ismail

Open Time : 6am- 8pm

Entry : free

Address : Ismail Sattar Qureshi, Dargah Road, Tuljai Nagar, Aazad Nagar, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Dargah Of Pie Ismail

The Dargah of Pir Ismail in Aurangzeb is well-known among the locals, and it is particularly crowded on Thursdays. When visiting, hire a tour to learn more about the significance and history of the site. Water tanks and fountains have been destroyed by the dargah complex, leaving only the sad ruins of a once vibrant garden. As the name suggests, the Dargah of Pir Ismail was created in commemoration of Pir Ismail, a tutor of Mughal ruler Aurangzeb at the time. The regal entry features a big pointed archway that serves as a portico, and it is constructed in an ornate style that includes a parapet, facade, terrace, and dome. The architecture of the burial is Mughal and Pathan in style.

Special Tip

Try to avoid Thursdays as is very crowded

By Aryan Prasad

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