Bani Begum Garden

Open Time : 6am- 7pm

Entry : free

Address : Bani Begum Garden, Bani Begum Mogul Garden Road, Khuldabad, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Bani Begum Garden

Bani Begum Garden is in Khuldabad, which is known for its gardens and tombs such as Zainuddin Shirzai Maqbara Khuldabad, Nagarkhana Gate, Aurangzeb's Tomb, Tombs of Azam Shah and his wife, Malik Ambar's Tomb, Zar Zari Zar Baksh Dargah, and Ganj Rawan Ganj Baksh Dargah. When taking a tour of Bani Begum Garden, make it a point to stop by all of these locations. the mausoleum of Bani Begum, one of Aurangzeb's sons' spouses. And it's possible that's why it's known as Bani Begum Garden. Bani Begum Gardens resembles a traditional Mughal garden, with large fountains and cisterns scattered around.

Special Tip

Best place to hangout and have a great picnic with family

By Aryan Prasad

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