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    Skiing In Auli

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    Skiing In Auli

    The Skiing Capital of India

    Why to visit this place

    Mt Nanda Devi Kamet, Mana Parwat, Dunagiri, Beethartoli, Nilkanth, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat, and Nar Parbat can all be seen from Auli while skiing. At an altitude of 2000-3000 metres above sea level, the snow-covered hill station of Auli, which is surrounded by evergreen conifers and an oak forest, is a perfect site for skiing in India. While skiing in Auli, some of the world's most endangered Himalayan species can be found in plenty in the Gorson Reserve forest (part of the Nanda Devi National Park).

    Special Tip:

    Must Check altitude sickness


    Open Time : 6am- 6pm

    Entry : paid

    Address : Auli Skiing, Auli Road, Auli Laga Salude, Uttarakhand, India

    By Aryan Prasad

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