Uncover 10 Serene Places To Visit In Dharamshala

Written By: Mehrosh Shamim

Dharamshala, which is nestled in the gorgeous Himalayas, is a stunning location that offers the ideal fusion of spirituality, culture, and natural beauty. Travelers from all over the world have been drawn to this location for years, and once you are there, you'll see why. Dharamshala offers something for everyone, whether you're seeking a serene retreat, an exciting holiday, or a spiritual journey. So, let's explore some of the top places to visit in Dharamshala that you should not miss.

1. Triund Hill

Triund Hill is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Dharamshala. It is encircled by the Dhauladhar hills on one side and rolling valleys on the other. Visitors can also go on treks and have picnics here. You can also go camping at night and count the stars under a clear sky.

  • Best Time To Visit: March to May & September to December

  • Ideal Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Things To Do: You can visit the nearby Tibet Museum and Bhagsunath Temple.

  • Location: Top floor Main bus stand, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

2. Kareri Lake Trek 

Kareri Lake Trek has enthralling beauty and a tranquil setting that make it one of Dharamshala's most popular sightseeing spots in Dharamshala. From early December to March-April, the lake is frozen. The lake is located in the Kangra Valley's northwestern region, and reaching it requires three days of trekking.

  • Best Time To Visit: May to July & September to November 

  • Ideal Duration: 2-3 days 

  • Things To Do: Boating, picnic, and the Kali-Shiva temple located on the banks.

  • Location: Kangra, Himachal Pradesh  

3. Dalai Lama Temple Complex

The Tsuglagkhang Temple sometimes referred to as the Dalai Lama Temple, is a religious hub in Dharamsala. The gigantic Buddha image perched on a high pedestal is the center of attention at the temple. On-site, there are also a few little stores selling trinkets and souvenirs making it the best location for sightseeing in Dharamshala.

  • Best Time To Visit: December to February 

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours 

  • Museum Entry Fee: INR 5/- 

  • Things To Do: A large library in the complex gives you access to a lot of books on religion, Buddhism, and Tibetan culture.

  • Location: Temple Rd, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala

4. Bhagsu Waterfall 

For those who want to savour the splendors of nature, it is one of the most popular sightseeing locations in Dharamshala. This is a medium-sized waterfall that descends from a height of 20 m. Trekking is another excellent and entertaining choice in this place. The well-known Bhagsunath Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, is located here.

  • Best Time To Visit: October to November 

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Things To Do: Have a nice cup of chai or coffee at the End of the World Café, which is close to the fall. You can even go swimming in crystal-clear waters if the temperature is not too chilly.

  • Location: Bhagsu Nag, Himachal Pradesh

5. St John In The Wilderness Church

The church, with its spectacular neo-gothic architecture, is surrounded by deodar woodlands and is filled with memorial stones for the British soldiers who were stationed here. Lord Elgin was laid to rest here in 1863, and it was dedicated to John the Baptist. The centerpieces of the exterior are the Belgian stained glass windows.

  • Best Time To Visit: March to June

  • Ideal Duration: 1 hour

  • Things To Do: You can take a tour of the cemetery, which is a memorial to the lives lost in the 1880 landslide.

  • Location: McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

6. Masroor Rock Cut Temple

It is a well-known archaeological site in India and one of the most popular places to visit in Dharamshala. The stone statues of Rama-Laxman and Sita can be found at the principal shrines. It is a collection of 15 monolithic, Indo-Aryan-style temples carved out of rock.

Legends: Locals believe that the Pandavas constructed the Masroor Rock Temple during their exile.

  • Best Time To Visit: March to October 

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Things To Do: Visitors to this temple hold the belief that bathing in the tank inside the structure can help them atone for their sins.

  • Location: Nagrota- Surian Link Road

7. Dharamshala Cricket Stadium

It is one of the highest sports facilities in the world, situated at a height of 1,457 masl in the Kangra valley, amidst the Dhauladhar mountain range. Even if no games are scheduled, the stadium is accessible to visitors. The main stand is constructed in a Tibetan architectural style. Over 23,000 people can fit in its seats.

  • Best Time To Visit: Morning, and evening 

  • Ideal Duration: 30 minutes

  • Things To Do: Snacks are also available, and you can take pictures of the stadium.

  • Location: Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

8. Lahesh Cave 

Located on the path to Indrahar Pass, it serves as a campsite and provides spectacular views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks. A 12 km trail makes it a well-liked trekking location as well. The moderately challenging trek travels through a stand of oak, pine, and fir trees. Trekkers can camp here under the starry sky and eat meals around a bonfire.

  • Best Time To Visit: May to June & September to November 

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Things To Do: A waterfall and the Bhagsu Nag Temple are important attractions to visit on the way down the trail.

  • Location: Lahesh Caves, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

9. Kangra Fort

The fort is surrounded by strong walls and ramparts and covers an area of about 4 km. This fort has many doorways that the kings of various dynasties have built. Within the fort are three temples. One of the main draws of Kangra Fort is a stepwell known as Kapoorsagar. There is a temple that is devoted to Jaina Tirthankaras. 

  • Best Time To Visit: March to August

  • Entrance Fees: INR 150 (Indians), and INR 300 (Foreigners)

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Things To Do: You can go to nearby Bajreshwari Temple and Kangra Valley.

  • Location: Old Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

10. Kalachakra Temple

The Kalachakra Temple, which translates to "Wheel of Time," is one of the most popular places to visit in Dharamshala. It contains a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, mural paintings of the mandala's 722 deities, and a Kalachakra image in the center. The sacred temple complex also has a bookstore and a small but charming café.

  • Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Things To Do: Spin the prayer wheel and light an incense stick at the temple, which has a special connection with the current Dalai Lama, who oversaw the murals' creation.

  • Location: McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Frequently Asked Question 

Q. What are the sightseeing places in Dharamshala?

A. Some of the famous sightseeing locations in Dharamshala include Namgyal Monastery, Kalachakra Temple, Lahesh Caves, Kangra Fort, Naddi View Point, and more. 

Q. What is Dharamshala famous for? 

A. Dharamshala, situated in the Western Himachal region, is a well-known name in Buddhist tours to the state because it is the home of the Dalai Lama and all Tibetans in exile. It is a well-known centre for the study of Buddhism, its sutras, tantras, and major texts.

Q. When is it best to visit Dharamshala? 

A. Dharamshala is best visited in the spring and early summer, when the weather is pleasant with a maximum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

Q. Is snow falling in Dharamshala?

 A. Yes, during the months of December and January, Dharamshala receives snowfall. If you enjoy snowfall, Dharamshala is an excellent place to visit to witness the annual snowfall.

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