Batuk Bhairav Mandir

Open Time : 5:30 am–12:00 pm, 4 :00pm–12 :00am

Entry : free

Address : Batuk Bhairav Lane, Kamaccha, Gurubagh, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Why to visit Batuk Bhairav Mandir

Batuk Bhairav Mandir is renowned for being a centre of worship for Aghoris and Tantriks and is regarded as having enormous religious significance. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva's incarnation Batuk Bhairav. 


  • The temple's hallowed Akhand Deep, which is thought to have been blazing for aeons, is an intriguing feature. This lamp's oil is reputed to have healing properties.
  • As a dog is the Vahan, or mythological bearer, of Batuk Bhairav, you will see dogs loitering close to the temple. These dogs are also revered.
  • Some people offer toys and sweets to the Lord when worshiping the god in his infant form.

Nearby Places: 

  • Ganges River (1.8 km)
  • Dashashvamedh Ghat (1.8 km)
  • Assi Ghat (2.1 km)
  • Sankat Mochan Temple (2.3 km)

Nearby Restaurants: 

  • Kerala Cafe (0.9 km)
  • Sahi Restaurant (0.5 km)
  • Rahil Restaurant (0.5 km)
  • Zoe Cafe (0.5 km)

Distance from Varanasi: 4.4 km

Best Time to Visit: Winter season 

FAQ on Batuk Bhairav Mandir

What is the admission fee to the Batuk Bhairav Temple?

The temple has no entrance fee.

Is it permitted to use a camera or a video camera inside the Batuk Bhairav Temple?

Inside the temple, cameras and video cameras are permitted.

What are the nearby attractions close to Batuk Bhairav Temple?

The nearby attractions include: Ganges River (1.8 km), Dashashvamedh Ghat (1.8 km), and Assi Ghat (2.1 km).

What are the nearby restaurants close to Batuk Bhairav Temple?

The nearby restaurants include: Kerala Cafe (0.9 km), Sahi Restaurant (0.5 km), and Rahil Restaurant (0.5 km).

What time of day is ideal for visiting the Batuk Bhairav Temple?

The temple is accessible all year long. Winter is the finest season to travel because of the pleasant weather. The temple is open daily from 4 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Special Tip

One must walk the final 250 metres because the temple is located on a tiny path. Furthermore, there is no parking available close to the shrine. Due to the rush, parents of very small children may want to exercise particular caution.

By Rebecca Lal

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