Mount Abu

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Open Time : 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Entry : free

Address : Shergaon Path, Shergaon, Rajasthan, India

Why to visit Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

The magnificent Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which has a high biodiversity, is one of the must-see locations in the tiny village. One of the oldest sections of the Mount Abu mountain range, the sanctuary is the starting point for many scenic lookout sites. It became a nature sanctuary in 1960 to protect the local flora and fauna, and as a result, it is a significant ecotourism destination. It is the ideal location if you want to have an exciting experience while also seeing the best wildlife in Rajasthan in its natural habitat.

The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which spans a distance of 288 km, passes through many mountain ranges, rising from 300 m to 1722 m at Gurashikhar, which is thought to be the highest peak in the Aravali hills. Igneous rocks in the wildlife refuge have significant cavities as a result of weathering by wind and water. This location will be calming to the senses for those who enjoy the outdoors and animals. Additionally, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary's beautiful scenery and the peace it gives in contrast to the hectic city life make it worthwhile.

Dry, prickly wood that is native to Rajasthan can be found in the reduced woods. Diverse parts of dicots and monocots are growing inside the park's environment. However, this is one of the few places in Rajasthan where you may find orchids in profusion.

FAQ on Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

How to reach Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary?

There is no issue of local transportation because Mount Abu is a fairly well-known location. From anywhere in the tiny hill village, you can rent a cab or a car to get to the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary.

When is the ideal time to visit Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary?

The wildlife is best visited during the winter if you enjoy hiking and exploring new places. The best to visit is between the months of October and March.

What attractions are near Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary?

Nearby attractions includes : Dilwara Jain Temple Nakki Lake Peace Park Jawai Lake

What restaurants are near Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary?

Restaurants near Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary: (12.69 km) Jodhpur Bhojanalaya (12.54 km) Opa Restaurant (6.86 km) Four Season Restaurant

Special Tip

It is best to avoid feeding the animals there because messing with their delicate diets could prove dangerous for them. Put on comfy clothing so you can move around the area effortlessly. Plastic cannot be brought onto the property.

By Vaani Singhania

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