Mount Abu

Hiking at Guru Shikhar

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Address : Guru Shikhar Mount Abu, Uttaraj path, Uttaraj, Rajasthan, India

Why to visit Hiking at Guru Shikhar

The Aravalli Range's tallest peak, Guru Shikhar, is located around 15 kilometres from Mount Abu. The Aravalli range and the hill town of Mount Abu may be seen in magnificent detail from the peak's height of 1722 metres above sea level. Guru Shikhar, which translates to "the peak of the guru," was given that name in honour of Guru Dattatreya, who is thought to have lived there when he was a monk. In honour of him, the peak's cave has been transformed into a temple. Mount Abu Observatory is also located in Guru Shikhar.

You would need to climb a few steps to get to the top of Guru Shikhar Peak after a 15-kilometer drive. The weather becomes more overcast and foggy when visited in October and November. An ancient bell with the words "1411 AD" engraved on it sits atop Guru Shikhar. After making the long ascent to the top, ringing that bell is like declaring your success to Mount Abu's valley. The bell's chimes echo far and wide.

Hikers are drawn to the mornings for two reasons: the magnificent dawn and the breakfast that is offered by the businesses. The stores along the hike's path offer extremely great breakfast items as well as tea that is well-known. You can eat well at any time of the day and, if you're in the mood, gorge on your usual brand of bagged chips and chocolates. There are also stores that provide lovely trinkets for sale. If you're travelling with family, consider organising a picnic at the summit. Everyone has many opportunity to take pictures of the view. This can be combined with a trip to the Dattatreya temple, which will give the whole thing a spiritual undertone.

FAQ on Hiking at Guru Shikhar

When is the ideal time to visit Guru Shikhar?

The months of October through March are the ideal times to travel to Guru Shikhar.

How to reach Guru Shikhar?

The Guru Shikhar Peak is about 15 kilometres from Mount Abu, and a cab may be easily hired. After that, there is only a short climb of 300 steps to the summit. Rentable two-wheelers are also available.

What restaurants are near Guru Shikhar?

Restaurants near Guru Shikhar: (2.55 km) Four Season Restaurant (9.31 km) Jodhpur Bhojanalaya (9.38 km) Opa Restaurant

What attractions are near Guru Shikhar?

Attractions near Guru Shikhar: (9.22 km) Mount Abu Trekking (9.22 km) Mahadev Taxi Services (9.45 km) Hiking & Trekking Company Mount Abu

Special Tip

The steps up to the peak are very rough once the road ends, therefore you should take care when carrying elderly or young children. It's advised to wear supportive, comfortable footwear because the hike can occasionally be a little steep, but it's not tough at all.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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